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NEW: Who Killed Whitney?

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The 10-year anniversary of the death of Whitney Houston is February 11th. Podcaster, comedy writer, and Whitney Houston superfan George Koulouris says he’s been bothered by inconsistencies and bizarre accounts since Houston’s death and he addresses those on February 11, 2012.

Koulouris along with his co-host Shakirah DeMesier is sharing his findings and conspiracy theories in the new podcast, set to launch on all podcast platforms on January 26.

“I am a huge Whitney Houston fan and her “accidental” drowning death never sat right with me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and felt compelled to dig deeper. There is a wild story here with a ton of twists, shocking reveals, fascinating characters, and surprisingly funny moments. Though parts are dark and grim, there’s also a lot of comedy within this tragedy,” says Koulouris.

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Bruce Carlson -

2021 I think! Otherwise, sounds exciting.

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