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NEW: Vocal

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Sounder has launched a new podcast called “Vocal,” which is an interview show with independent creators about how they went from launch to large (75K+) streams.

Each episode of Vocal goes directly to the source to learn: The blueprints and tools for growing successful podcast Behind-the-scenes stories as to how they got started and how they keep going Insider knowledge from their professional expertise

Vocal’s first episode features Dr. Steven Bradley, host of “The Black Doctors Podcast.” In under two years, Dr. Bradley has grown “The Black Doctors Podcast” to 75K downloads, built a network of hundreds of diverse practitioners in medicine, and has created a thriving platform to spotlight minority voices and leaders in the field of medicine. Dr. Bradly also shares insights on the state of American healthcare today, and how current challenges can be overcome so that all patients can receive the quality care they need.

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