NEW: Unheard: The Fred and Rose West Tapes


When the dismembered remains of teenager Heather West were found under a garden patio in the English city of Gloucester, it triggered the discovery of one of the grisliest murder scenes of the twentieth century.

What came to be known as ‘The House of Horrors’, the otherwise unremarkable semi at 25 Cromwell Street belonged to a middle aged couple, a local handyman and a stay-at-home mother, Fred and Rose West. Twenty-five years later, theirs remains one of the most unusual and disturbing partnerships in British criminal history.

The podcast is the first true-crime podcast from the UK’s Somethin’ Else, it’s a show about Fred and Rosemary West, Britain’s most notorious serial killers.

As the murder investigation unraveled, it was discovered that the Wests had killed at least twelve women and girls, burying the remains of nine victims under the family home where they continued to stay undetected for two decades.

Listen to the trailer HERE. The first episode drops today.


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