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New Transcription Service Launches

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3 Play Media announced today that it has extended its transcription services to the podcast industry. The service is being used now by This American Life_. _

Using 3Play Media’s platform, podcasters can upload their audio files via the 3Play platform, integration, or API, and a transcript will be returned within 24 hours. Progressive Delivery allows for the automatic speech recognition transcript to be delivered immediately, followed by the styled and 99%+ accurate transcript when it is complete.

“3Play Media has always supported transcription for audio-only files, but this new solution for podcasters represents an entry into an underserved market of podcast creators who’ve been largely left to their own devices to solve their production and publishing workflows,” Josh Miller, co-CEO and co-founder, 3Play Media, said. “Time is money in the content industry, and our solution makes it possible to have the high-quality transcript produced in the background while producers focus on what they do best.”

For more information on Podcast Transcription **GO HERE **or attend 3Play Media’ virtual event, ACCESS, on March 30th.

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