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NEW: This Job is History

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Wondery has launched This Job is History, a new weekly podcast hosted by actor and comedian Chris Parnell. The new show explores bizarre jobs from the past that no longer exist.

On This Job is History, Parnell interviews _actual _people, from the _actual _past, who have worked some of the strangest and most unexpected jobs throughout time. From funeral clowns and garden hermits to VHS clerks and everything in between, you’ll meet the most surprising essential workers of times past. Because before there were medical doctors, there were barber surgeons. And before there was Instacart, there were milkmen.

“It’s interesting to think about the careers society used to consider ‘essential,’” said This Job is History host Chris Parnell. “And as a comedian—you know, the MOST essential career—I’m excited to dig deeper and uncover the importance of each unique and bizarre job.”

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