NEW: There Goes The Neighborhood: Miami


Public radio’s WNYC Studios and WLRN in South Florida have announced the launch of There Goes the Neighborhood: Miami, a three-part podcast series examining “climate gentrification” in Miami.

This short series is a continuation of WNYC Studios’ original There Goes the Neighborhood podcast, which aims to introduce local stories about gentrification to national audiences. Previous seasons of There Goes the Neighborhood explored the anatomy of gentrification as it was moving through central Brooklyn in 2016, and it partnered with KCRW in 2017 to look at the housing market in Los Angeles.

Kai Wright, host and managing editor of The Stakes, returns to host There Goes the Neighborhood: Miami, which in partnership with Miami’s public radio station, WLRN, features reporter Nadege Green, who introduces us to “climate gentrification.” In the first episode, Green explains this theory, covering the ways climate change, and our adaption to it, may seriously intensify the affordable housing crisis in many cities.


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