NEW: The Topical


Satirical news outlet The Onion has released the trailer for its new daily podcast focused on current events called The Topical. The show is being produced as part of a new strategic partnership between The Onion and Sony Music Entertainment to develop original podcast content. It will premiere on Wednesday, January 29. New episodes will be published every weekday afternoon. Hosted by Leslie Price, The Topical provides a new outlet for The Onion’s distinctive voice and insightful commentary on a daily basis.

As the folks from The Onion put it: “The Topical is the daily podcast from The Onion and Onion Public Radio, and the only podcast brave enough to ask: What if the news had sound effects? Join host Leslie Price each day as he barely scratches the surface of all the day’s top news stories. Journalism isn’t dead. It’s using its last dying breath to beg you to listen to The Topical.”

Check out the trailer HERE.


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