NEW: The College Tapes


Subscription Podcast Network Luminary has launched The College Tapes, the latest scripted drama series from Lauren Shippen’s The Bright Sessions universe.

In The College Tapes two college students, Caleb and Adam (played by Briggon Snow and Alex Gallner, reprising their roles from The Bright Sessions), are reunited when a mysterious secret society shows up on Adam’s campus. They’re sucked into a dangerous conspiracy, and back into each other’s orbits, learning more about the world of Atypicals and the mixed-up feelings they still have for each other.

The series is created by Lauren Shippen, the creator of The Bright Sessions fictional universe, and Atypical Artists. It is written by Lauren Shippen, Meghan Fitzmartin, and Briggon Snow, sound designed by Mischa Stanton and Brandon Grugle, with original scoring by Evan Cunningham.

“After five years of living in this universe,” said Lauren Shippen, “it is so exciting to expand into multi-platform storytelling in real time. The College Tapes is going to bring audiences into the lives of characters they love and introduce a whole new facet to this universe that we think is going to be thrilling for fans, old and new alike.”