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New Space Podcast Launching

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Realm, the company behind the fiction podcast Outliers, has released the trailer for “Marigold Breach,” starring the voice talents of Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto.

Described as “The Mandalorian” meets “Her,” “Marigold Breach” takes listeners on a space adventure in which a soldier with no memory must rely on his AI implant to piece together the fragments of his past.

The new 8-episode fiction podcast premieres March 31st with weekly releases.

“Reuniting old friends has been such a fun element of working with Jameela and Manny on Marigold Breach,” says Molly Barton, CEO and Co-founder of Realm. “Their unique partnership echoes that of Lucan and Ven; hearing them bring these characters to life with such empathy and verve took my breath away.”

In “Marigold Breach,” Lucan (Jacinto) has crash landed on a mysterious planet and only remembers his name, his rank, and that Ven (Jamil)—the wry AI implant speaking to him inside his mind—is the only thing keeping him alive.

As they search for answers about where they came from, they confront dangerous forces that threaten the safety of the planet’s civilians. But the most urgent threat of all lurks in the recesses of Lucan’s mind, kept hidden by Ven—if she were to reveal it, their relationship would change forever.

“The fast-paced action and mystery of Marigold Breach make for an incredibly compelling story, but the true heart of this project is in the unfolding relationship between partners, which is why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Jameela again,” says Jacinto.

Jamil adds: “I hope listeners will be as riveted as I was when I first read Joel Dane’s script. Ven is as complex and fierce a character as they come; bringing her to life in audio is hopefully the first of many iterations this story will have.”

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