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New Software Launched to Help Manage Your Shows

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Software with a goal to help hosts manage their workflow has been launched by PodMatch.

Alex Sanfilippo of podcast booking service PodMatch says he launched the service after polling podcasters. “When I polled more than 1,000 podcasters who ended their shows, I found that one of the primary reasons that they stopped podcasting was due to stress caused from a lack of organization and systems, and that’s precisely what PodcastSOP helps with.”

Features included with PodcastSOP consist of creating episode templates, adding episode checklists to complete, setting deadlines, uploading unlimited files, adding team members, commenting on specific tasks, and much more.

Prior to launching, PodcastSOP conducted a three-month alpha test with 100 podcasters ranging from beginners to seasoned show hosts to learn what the podcast industry needed in project management software. During those 90 days, Sanfilippo and the team implemented recommendations and enhanced the product to be the ideal solution for all podcasters regardless of their experience level.

PodcastSOP is currently available at an introductory rate of $6.00 (USD) per month after a 14-day free trial.

Contact Alex by e-mail for more information at

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