New Sci-Fi Show: Tales from the Tower


Fool and Scholar Productions, an audio drama network focused on sci-fi and horror, launched the first episode of their new series Liberty: Tales from the Tower. Each episode will be a standalone story of myths, legends, and horror.

Tales from the Tower is part of a larger podcast called Liberty: Serialized Sci-Fi Audio Dramas.

Here’s the first episode description from the website:

“In our inaugural trek into the abyss, we meet a mild-mannered scientist who’s been called to return to his apartment under undisclosed circumstances. He’s unfamiliar with the train local station at this odd hour and no one is around to save a single traveler seated at the end of the cab… An old man who may just be an impostor.”

Fool and Scholar Productions are a two-person team from Portland. Some of their other productions are The White Vault, a horror podcast set in the Arctic Circle, and Dark Dice, an “actual-play” podcast set in the D&D universe.

You can find all their podcasts on their Patreon.


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