NEW: SC Reportajes


ESPN Deportes is debuting a new podcast called SC Reportajes Podcast, under SC Reportajes, the network’s Emmy nominated storytelling brand.

Voiced by ESPN Deportes’ Tlatoani Carrera, the first season of SC Reportajes Podcast begins with a multi-episode exploration of the effects of a 2015 late night brawl on the lives of Alejandro Molina, Luis Gorocito, then players of Mexico’s storied club Necaxa, and Luis Rodolfo Mariscal López, a young man who crossed path with the players as they were exiting a bar in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The fistfight that ensued left Mariscal López dead after suffering severe brain damage and the two professional soccer players looking at a 40-year sentence. The podcast follows the complicated case, with an investigative look at the various witnesses, the widely different testimonies, and the surveillance video that would put an end to the case, but came too late to influence the court of public opinion.