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New: Red Collar

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Red Collar is a new weekly true crime/psychological podcast from audiochuck, which dives into the minds of real-life American Psychos who are often hiding in plain sight.

Hosted by investigative journalist and private investigator, Catherine Townsend, Red Collar covers the subgroup of white collar criminals who are rarely discussed in mainstream media - those who kill.

The first two episodes will be released Tuesday, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday:

Episode 1: The Preppy Axe Murderer In November 2004, the axe murder of Peter Porco and the brutal attack on his wife Joan shook the small town of Delmar, New York. Police began taking a closer look at the picture perfect family - especially their son, Chris. But could a preppy, clean-cut college kid really be an axe murderer?

Episode 2: The Talented Mr. Rockefeller A con man pretends to be Clark Rockefeller, heir to the famous oil dynasty. But investigators will discover that the man the tabloids call “Crockefeller” is a serial imposter, grifter, and kidnapper- and start asking questions about a human skeleton they found buried in his former backyard.

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