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NEW: Quitters

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Julie Bowen and Chad Sanders host a new podcast called Quitters, which is set to premiere on Feb. 14th. Bowen and Sanders explore the concept of “shrinking to grow” with people who took the leap to admit failure on something that felt essential to them. TRAILER

“The space between the notes makes the music,” said Sanders. “I don’t know who said that first, but it’s true. It’s what we do without that makes us who we are. We aim to explore the concept of taking our lives back in a way that’s edgy, sexy, funny, smart, adorable, irreverent and utterly honest.”

“Our podcast invites our guests and our audience into complex, funny, poignant and at times messy conversations about everything we give up to keep going,” said **Bowen. **

As millions of Americans are quitting their jobs, the Quitters podcast will examine, expose and upend the dangerous stigmas around giving up. Each episode will feature a conversation between Julie, Chad, and a guest whose life or life’s work was saved by giving up on something else that felt self-defining. Guests will span a diverse spectrum of identities and industries, but with a focus on self-aware, vulnerable storytellers.

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