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NEW: Nobody Should Believe Me

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Larj Media and iHeart have announced the launch of Nobody Should Believe Me, a serial podcast hosted and produced by novelist Andrea Dunlop. The podcast investigates Munchausen by proxy, a form of medical child abuse in which a caregiver feigns, exaggerates, or induces illness in their child for the purpose of receiving attention and sympathy from medical staff, their family, the community, and even strangers online.

Dunlop first became interested in the subject when her older sister was investigated for Munchausen by proxy. This catastrophic series of events that followed tore her family apart and set her on a journey to understand this most taboo form of abuse. In this groundbreaking podcast, Dunlop talks to some of the top experts in the world to explore the criminology and psychopathology behind Munchausen by proxy and to reveal the wide swath of destruction these perpetrators leave in their wake.

_“The lack of awareness about this abuse leaves children vulnerable and survivors isolated. I’m devoted to changing that any way I can,” _said Dunlop.

For Larj Media, whose client list includes major brands such as Microsoft and The B Team, and who produce the award-nominated _Battle Fatigue, Nobody Should Believe Me _was an opportunity to collaborate on a story that had potential to bring awareness to survivors of this devastating form of abuse. “Not only is Andrea a skilled storyteller, but she has a personal stake in this investigation which makes it all the more compelling.” said Tina Nole, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Larj Media.

“It’s a powerful story that we knew our audience would want to hear,” said Lindsay Hoffman, executive producer and project manager for the iHeartPodcast Network, “It’s got elements of a ‘true crime,’ but it’s also a heartbreaking love story about family. We look forward to sharing this podcast with listeners across the globe and helping to bring more attention to the often overlooked condition, Munchausen by proxy.”

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