New: Go Home Bible, You’re Drunk


Justin Gentry and Tori Williams Douglas launched the first episode of their podcast Go Home Bible, You’re Drunk from the podcast network Irreverent Media Group on Thursday, May 6. In the show, they discuss some of the stranger aspects of the Bible.

Tori is the creator of the White Homework podcast that asks pointed questions about racism and what white people need to learn about it, but she’s also a former evangelical and very vocal about it on Twitter which is where she met Justin.

Justin went to Seminary and eventually had a lot of questions and left the church but still wanted to use all the knowledge in his head and had respect for the cultural conversation around the Bible like Tori does and after a lot of online discussions, they decided to make a podcast together.

Tori says she quit drinking at the beginning of lockdown and didn’t have the excuse of drunk dm’s as to why she dm’d Justin and together they joked about a drunk history of the Bible.

“Sometimes reading the bible and trying to understand it gives you the feeling of being drunk,” Justin said.

The plan is for it to be a weekly show and they want it to be under an hour. They usually talk for about two hours and use the middle part of it.

“We have a lot of things to say and we think we’re important enough to say them,” Tori added with a laugh.

The first episode is about Noah being drunk in a tent and they thought it was an appropriate place to start because it’s often a child’s first story about the Bible but there’s a lot to it that they don’t think is appropriate for children.

They share storytelling duties and go back and forth between each episode with Justin taking on the reigns in the first episode. The way Justin describes it is “we set the story loose and see where it takes us.”

They of course look at themes too. Tori says, “If you’re an all-powerful God and you keep choosing violence, what does it say about your character?”

They don’t plan to stick to only Bible stories and want to also look at the odd way that they see some Christians historically have used the Bible. One of their recorded but not published episodes is about Dr. Kellog one of the inventors of cornflakes and they say one of his reasons for creating it was “to prevent people from masturbating.”

They also have a Patreon.