NEW: Fight Night


iHeartMedia, production company Doghouse Pictures and Will Packer Media have launched “Fight Night,” an iHeartRadio Original true crime podcast. It The podcast, will be hosted by Jeff Keating will examine Atlanta’s most infamous armed robbery from the night of Muhammad Ali’s historic 1970 return after being banned from boxing for refusing to enter the military draft.

“Fight Night” will debut Monday, October 26, the 50th anniversary of Ali’s historic fight when he defeated Jerry Quarry, with new episodes airing weekly each Monday. Listeners can hear the official audio trailer now on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard.

In “Fight Night,” host Jeff Keating unravels the story of an after-party celebrating Ali’s victory that turned horribly wrong. After the fight, hundreds of wealthy guests headed to a private party and according to police reports robbers met them at the front door and herded the guests into the basement forcing them to hand over their money and jewelry. “Fight Night” takes a deeper dive into that notorious night, examining the private party that quickly turned into one of the largest armed robberies the country has ever seen.


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