New Fiction Podcast Focuses on Suicide


A partnership with writer Alex Dolan and Audiohm Media has launched a new fiction podcast, The Patron Saint of Suicides. This 14-episode audio drama will include a cast of 40 actors, an original score, and sophisticated sound.

The veteran cast is led by co-stars Elissa Park and Rob Schwarb, who deliver career performances.

The Patron Saint of Suicides follows Haven Otomo, a part-time comic and survivor of a mass shooting. To cope with her trauma, she spends her free nights patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge, where over the past few years she has stopped 34 people from jumping. The San Francisco Bay Area has recently seen a rash of suicides. When the police find a connection between these deaths and the train shooting two years ago, they are led to Haven. As more is revealed about these crimes, Haven wonders whether some of her fellow survivors are involved, and she questions whether she can trust the people closest to her.

Series creator Alex Dolan said, “Mental health and suicide are major public health crises, and yet, as a society, we tend to shy away from discussing it in a meaningful way. I’m hoping this series will not only entertain listeners who love thrillers and mysteries, but also provide a safe way to talk about these subjects.”



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