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New Evidence In New Podcast

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‘Bone Valley’ is a story of murder and the chilling miscarriage of justice. Pulitzer Prize winning True Crime Author Gilbert King reveals new evidence in the controversial Florida murder case.

In 1987, 21-year-old guitarist Leo Schofield was pursuing his rockstar dreams when his teenage wife Michelle was found dead in a phosphate mining pit in Lakeland, Florida. Two years later, Schofield was convicted and sentenced to life in prison despite his claims of innocence and ample evidence unearthed by King and researcher Kelsey Decker pointing to the actual killer.

“We spent four years of our lives investigating this case, and anyone who listens to Bone Valley is going to be shocked and outraged by what we’ve uncovered,” said King. “Above all, this series exposes how the wrongful conviction of Leo Schofield allowed Michelle’s real murderer to escape justice and kill more people in Florida.”

The first two episodes of the 9-episode podcast are available now. On September 23, the Schofield case will be the subject of a special episode of ABC’s 20/20 that is based on the podcast.

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