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NEW: Estrangement

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

On Wednesday Death, Sex & Money–a WNYC Studios podcast about the big questions and hard choices left out of polite conversation–debuts a new three episode series, called “Estrangement.” The show is hosted by Anna Sale.

“At Death, Sex & Money, we’ve long looked to our listeners to guide us toward the stories they long to share and need to hear from others. Over the years, that’s included our secrets about student loan debt, ambivalence about alcohol, and even our complicated relationships with porn,” said** Anna Sale**. “These stories about estrangement share that same urgency and poignancy, especially in this time of broad societal fractiousness. Hundreds of people shared private stories when we asked. Many told us that they wanted to participate and be candid because they know how isolating experiences of estrangement can be.”

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