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New: Difficult Artist

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Cadence13 from Audacy announced that it has partnered with journalist and bestselling author Lizzy Goodman to launch Difficult Artist, a weekly podcast in conversation with a wide variety of artists like Trent Reznor, Whitney Cummings, and others.

The conversations will be all about the rituals, inspirations, struggles, and joys that go into the creative processes.

Goodman has made a career out of these intimate moments in interviews she conducted with publications like New York magazine and the New York Times magazine

The show is billed as “Part interview, part therapy session”,  and says it will “offer listeners a deeply personal, intimate look into their lives and body of work.”

“I have been interviewing filmmakers, musicians, writers, and comedians for years. Whenever I get stuck, lost in a cul-de-sac of rehearsed answers, I always ask something super specific about the artist’s process—like what time of day they get to the studio, or where they buy their pens,” said Lizzy Goodman. “With ‘Difficult Artist,’ I’m going pro with this particular technique—digging all the way into the daily practices of some of the most inspiring artists alive, and I’m excited to do this on my first-ever podcast with Cadence13! I want to know, in detail, what it’s like for someone we usually only see accepting an Oscar or playing a sold-out concert to walk into their own weird, private creative space with the goal of turning absolutely nothing into something great. I also wantto get wildly interesting and successful people to tell me their trade secrets so we can all copy them. You’re welcome!"

Difficult Artist launched May 5, 2021 and the first episode with Grammy-nominated singer Maggie Rogers is available now, and a trailer is available as well.

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