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NEW: Died & Survived

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New from Lionsgate on January 11th is a new podcast from British journalist Charlie Webster who says he died and came back to life. Here are the details.

British journalist and broadcaster Charlie Webster experienced life after death. After completing a 3000 mile charity cycling challenge from Europe to South America ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games, she became critically ill and was put on life support. Her dire situation made global headlines. But after two weeks in a coma, Charlie made a miraculous recovery that baffled doctors both in Brazil and the UK.

While in the coma, Charlie had an “NDE” – near death experience – in which her mind was very much alive despite her body giving up. Throughout this inspirational eight-part series, Charlie chronicles her profound and captivating experience, sharing vivid memories of being in a coma while doctors worked to save her and family gathered to await her fate, opening up a greater conversation about the afterlife.

Charlie also acts as a detective, piecing together clues to build a bulletproof case as to how to approach death, and how to live in the here and now. She meets with “experiencers” and hears their startling personal encounters with death and the beyond, as well as with experts – scientific and spiritual opinion leaders – who are using hard science and modern technology to gain never-before seen or heard evidence of the afterlife.

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