New Deal Eyes More TV, Film For Podcasts


UK-based film and TV production company Goldfinch has announced a first look deal with podcast creators Stakhanov. With an initial focus on documentaries and feature films, the first look deal gives Goldfinch the opportunity to develop and produce TV series and feature length films adapted from a range of Stakhanov’s podcasts.

The deal, in turn, gives Stakhanov first look to create podcasts from Goldfinch’s productions including companion pieces to run alongside productions and long form content adapted from their documentaries and features. The collaboration also allows both Companies to jointly option and develop Intellectual Property.

The first piece of IP Goldfinch and Stakhanov have optioned is the written article about 5DIMES by David Hill, taken from award winning New York publication Victory Journal. The deal has been secured by William Ralston, Literary Partner at Goldfinch’s new creative hub, The Koop.  5DIMES tells the thrilling tale of the rise and sudden disappearance of William Sean Creighton aka Tony 5Dimes, whose online sportsbook established him as one of Costa Rica’s most wealthy, and therefore targeted, inhabitants.  Creighton’s body has been rumored to have been found on three different occasions.  But did he fake his own kidnap and death to evade the American authorities?


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