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New Company Wants To Help Smaller Podcasters

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It’s called RedCircle. The company, which launches today, says it’s focus is helping smaller shows grow. The company comes out of the gate with $1.5 million in seed money and is offering free hosting and other free stuff.

As The Verge reports, the first step for RedCircle is a feature that assists podcasters in setting up cross-promotions with other podcasters, two shows promoting each other, for example.

In addition to free hosting RedCircle says it will offer podcasters analytics access, distribution help, and other features. The cross-promotion feature allows RedCircle to automatically insert promotions into shows once both podcasters have agreed.

CEO Mike Kadin tells The Verge that there’s not a lot of interesting technology that’s being built for the small podcaster. “We saw a lot of space for the independent podcaster who’s taking their work seriously, but doesn’t have a five-person ad sales team to take care of them. There’s a lot of room for work there and just a massive long tail with podcasts.”

If you are a small podcasters you can find a cross-promotion partner by browsing RedCircle’s show catalog on its website. If you agree to be part of the promotion RedCirlce sends both shows an audio ad. RedCircle determines how long the ad will run.

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