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NEW: Chowder City

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

While driving through the desert, Arlo Pilgrim accidentally gets portalled to the dystopian megametropolis Chowder City in 2099. A rebel AI named Pollux offers him two choices: go back to 2022 and definitely perish, or align with Pollux in 2099 to help save the world, and _maybe _perish. _Chowder City _is a 19-episode podcast launching March 3rd.

“Pilgrim and Pollux’s relationship is messy, awkward, and changes constantly over the arc of the series. As they race across Chowder City to solve the mystery of the Rookwurst tower collapse, they develop a complicated new form of friendship,” said Rill Causey, audio producer and voice of Pilgrim.

Chowder City’s dynamic format offers choose-your-own-path options at points in the story where listeners will then be fed their selected timelines through the rest of the season. And in addition to the main 13-episode storyline, there are six “news radio” episodes that further illuminate the turmoil in the future world, and provide listeners more detail from which to make their decisions. During the 13-week series release window, multiple interactive elements including in-series puzzles and further lore and mysteries explored on social platforms will add to the unique listening experience. This audience immersion is feeding the community already built on social media and microsites through years of teasers. The core production team met while working at Super Deluxe (the former cutting edge comedy production company), and fans of their projects attached to the beginnings of Chowder City before it even became a podcast.

“Chowder City was almost a lot of things before it was an audio drama: an RPG; a virtual scavenger hunt; a puzzle box leading to other projects. What it actually turned into was a sprawling, bizarre narrative that even I got lost in,” said writer Emma del Valle. Added executive producer Shahruz Shaukat, “Chowder City will have a lot more to discover for anyone listening to episodes as they’re released. Our Discord will automatically group together listeners interested in discussing the show together, and some of Chowder City’s AI may even cross over for additional storylines.”

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