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NEW: Bone Valley

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Lava for Good is launching a new True Crime podcast called Bone Valley. The podcast chronicles the case of Leo Schofield and the serial killer who claims to have murdered Leo’s wife.

The podcast was written and hosted by investigative reporters, Pulitzer Prize-winner Gilbert King, author of Devil In The Grove.

Leo Schofield has been imprisoned for 34 years, serving a life sentence for allegedly murdering his 18-year-old wife, Michelle — a crime Schofield has consistently denied committing. In 2004, previously unidentified fingerprints lifted from Michelle’s car were matched to Jeremy Scott, a homeless teenager who lived near the Schofields in Lakeland, Florida. Since then, Jeremy has confessed multiple times to King that he fatally stabbed Michelle and dumped her body in an abandoned phosphate pit in an area known as Bone Valley. So why does Leo Schofield remain behind bars? Michelle’s family is divided on whom to believe, compounding the tragedy of her death.

“How does a man spend over three decades behind bars when there are layers of evidence pointing to his innocence?” asks King. “I hope this series answers that question, exposes how our court system got this case very wrong, and helps point to the truth for Leo, as well as for Michelle.”

“The case of Leo Schofield represents a complete breakdown of our American criminal legal system,” said Jason Flom, founder and CEO of Lava for Good. “We are honored that Gilbert is joining us to bring much-needed attention to this shocking story and we hope that our work together will finally bring about real justice in this case.”

Watch for Bone Valley soon on their website and all popular podcast platforms.

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