RODE App Makes Podcasting With Multiple Guests Easier


RODE Microphones introduced their new app Rode Connect, which allows you to stream and record the input from four different microphones hooked up to one computer at the same time.

Typically a computer can only recognize one microphone at once, so this is a breakthrough. The app currently only supports their proprietary Rode NT-USB Mini mic’s, and the volume on all four microphones can be controlled directly from a single screen.

Additionally, there are two ‘Virtual’ channels to connect remote callers and for adding audio from external sources.

They’ve released a six-minute YouTube video to introduce the new app.

“The NT-USB Mini, coupled with RØDE Connect, marks a huge leap forward for simple solutions that allow anyone to create a professional sounding podcast,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “And the possibilities the software offers for livestreaming applications are incredibly powerful. No other audio company in the world is doing anything like this.”


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