New: Andy Dick is aDiCKted


If you’ve ever seen Andy Dick in an onscreen acting role you might have thought, “That guy needs help.” Well, congratulations you’re right! He launched a new podcast on April 22nd called aDiCKted with Andy Dick where he tries to get help.

In the extremely offbeat trailer he says, “It’s a 10-part series all about me where I talk to doctors, therapists, spiritual leaders. I’m a guest on my own show! It’s awkward, it’s funny, it’s serious, and a little whoop de doo just like me! Everybody thinks they know what’s best for me and they’re trying to help me get on track. Good for them! And good luck

Page Six reports on his brushes with the law in reporting on his new podcast and the first episode is simultaneously filthy and strange. He begins the first episode by talking to sex therapist Dr. Tammy Nelson saying, “Introduce yourself because I don’t even know your name.”




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