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NEW: Amazing Wildlife

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iHeartMedia and San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, an international nonprofit conservation organization that oversees the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, have launched a weekly podcast series called Amazing Wildlife.”

The 52-episode podcast series, hosted by SDZWA staff, highlights unique wildlife stories from around the world, as well as the conservation efforts happening on site at the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park.

Listeners can hear the official trailer HERE. New 15-minute episodes will post each Friday, beginning Nov. 19.

The podcast is hosted by Rick Schwartz, an experienced wildlife care specialist and ambassador for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, and Ebone Monet, a senior editor at San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Together, they will take listeners around the world as they discuss and explore animals from across the globe—from elephants on the African savanna to polar bears in the Arctic tundra and koalas in Australia.

“I’ve dedicated my life to conservation and professional wildlife care, and my hope with this podcast is to inspire the younger generations to be active in conservation efforts,” said Rick Schwartz, ambassador, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. “I’m honored to be hosting the ‘Amazing Wildlife’ podcast alongside Ebone Monet, and to share my passion and what I have learned throughout my years working at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. And we’re fortunate to work with iHeartMedia on this podcast.”

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