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New: A Positive Climate

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Radio Today in Australia reports that NOVA Entertainment has launched the first episode of their podcast on climate change, A Positive Climate, to let people know about the “awesome work going on, and to inspire people to get involved.”

Cleantech experts Nick Zeltzer and Alex McIntosh are the hosts and they say in the trailer that in the podcast they will be interviewing “inspiring people they’ve come across who are developing real solutions for climate change.”

Season one will explore waste-eating maggots, turning beer into electricity, battery-powered planes, and innovative businesses seeking to eliminate single-use plastics.

Nick Zeltzer was inspired by the future and wanted to tell these stories to make a change.

“Alex and I noticed a large disconnect. Our friends and family were so downcast about climate change, yet we’d be meeting so many inspiring people working on these brilliant ideas, that we felt positive about the future. We came up with this podcast as a platform to tell the uplifting stories of the Australians making real change happen,” he said.

Alex McIntosh was growing frustrated by the lack of knowledge people seemed to have about the exciting things going on around them.

“It feels like we’re at a turning point where addressing climate change is not only something we need to do out of necessity but it also just makes good business sense. We want people to hear about the amazing work going on in sustainability – across all the areas of our daily lives – and be inspired to get involved. We also want to speak to those outside the industry so we’re really excited to be partnering with NOVA Entertainment to help get the word out,” she said.

The podcast is being supported by automotive brand Lexus.

James Huynh, Lexus’ senior media planning coordinator added: “We are excited to be a launch partner with A Positive Climate to help them build conversations and awareness around climate change. Nick and Alex are respected experts in their field, and we look forward to helping them share their inspirational message around positive changes and innovations available to us now and in the future.”

The first episode about the future of plant-based meat is available now.

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