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National Security Scandal

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Leonard ‘Fat Leonard’ Francis is the focus of the nine-part podcast into one of the largest national security breaches involving the U.S. Navy in decades. Host Tom Wright tells the story of how the defense contractor made millions of dollars through corrupt deals.

“The story of Leonard Francis’ rise to power in the navy through bribery and kickbacks is the most important corruption case in recent military history,” said Tom Wright. “It reveals a gaping hole in U.S. national security and how misogyny is still running rampant from petty officers to admirals.”

‘Fat Leonard’ talked with Wright for the podcast, along with others to shed light on an alleged cover-up which has gone after more than 30 officers, but failed to prosecute admirals who Leonard claims took gifts and favors.

This is the first project for Brazen Original podcast and it debuts October 5.

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