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Milestone For Murder

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Anatomy Of Murder,” the true-crime podcast examining homicide cases and paths to justice for the victims, released its 100th episode this week. Former New York City homicide prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi and Scott Weinberger take listeners behind the scenes of homicide cases from around the country.

In the “Anatomy of Murder” 100th episode entitled “Partners in Crime - Part 2”, podcast hosts and creators Nicolazzi and Weinberger dive deep into the disturbing and tragic murder of Samuel Johnson Jr., where a police sergeant’s two daughters are the top suspects in this homicide: No forensic evidence tying them to the crime, and one has an alibi, detectives unravel a murder conspiracy that tests the bonds of family and love. Part 1 was previously released on October 25th and is available to listen to now (Link HERE). As with every episode, “Anatomy of Murder” listeners hear and gain insight from someone directly involved and/or impacted by the crime: victims family members, prosecutors, and law enforcement.

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