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Mental Health Wellbeing Podcasts

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‘Truth Be Told’ and ‘Edges’ are both programs that focus on mental health. The programs are from Cumulus Media and DCP Entertainment.

‘Truth Be Told’ is an advice show featuring host Tonya Mosley talking with some of the greatest thinkers of our time about what it means to grow and thrive as a Black person in America, and how to discover new ways of being that serve as a portal to more love, more healing, and more joy.

“I am of the first generation of Black Americans to be born under the full rights of citizenship in this country. The right to vote, live where I want, go to school where I want, marry whom I want. This podcast is an exploration of what the next leg of liberation means for us as Black Americans,” said Mosley.

‘Edges’ is a seasonal storytelling show inspired by host Shantae Howell’s mental health journey, which is inextricably linked to her hair.

“For as long as I can remember, so much of my identity and self-worth has been wrapped up in my hair. Edges is a concept inspired by my hair and mental health journey, my (still very much in progress) coming of age story born out of years of therapy and soul searching,” said Howell.

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