Maybe We Can Make Money


As Forbes contributor Elaine Pofeldt points out many people host podcasts, few have figured out how to make money from them. However, Pofeldt found a couple who claim they are bringing in six-figure revenue with their Thriving Launch podcast as they travel the world.

Luis Congdon and his wife Kamala Chambers spend months traveling while banking big pucks from podcasting. Congdon tells Forbes “A lot of people don’t know that big companies like eBay, GM and Slack have gotten really big into podcasting.”

So how did Congdon and Chambers do it?

As they were traveling they launched a business podcast called Thriving Launch in 2014, according to Forbes. They were not afraid to pick up the phone and landed guests such as Jack Canfield, John Gray and Gretchen Rubin. Then, a small business owner offered to pay them to assist with his own podcast, they started to do custom work, and now have a team of assistants to help them.

The couple now offers custom podcasting and related services, content marketing and social media marketing. And they tell the magazine their clients include a supermarket company and author Marianne Williamson. They also run a the Facebook community The Podcaster’s Secret Weapon and just launched a course called “How to Start a Podcast That Attracts Ideal Clients and Gets Your Message Heard.” They attracted students to the course through a software called ClickFunnels.

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