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Make Your Message The Mission

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(By Thom Singer) If you want to grow your podcast’s audience, you have to stand out from the crowd.Too many podcasters copy the format of a popular show, and often go as far as having almost the same taglines and cadence as the more famous podcaster.

Adam Schaeuble, host of The Million Pound Mission, launched his show in 2016 and continues to grow his reach. “It’s easy to get lost in the noisy world of podcasts,” says Schaeuble, “but when you take listeners on a journey you end up creating long-term relationships and a community.”

Adam’s show is focused on his deep desire to help others lose weight and get healthy.He is a PHD (Previously Heavy Dude) who changed his life and lost over 100 pounds.It is now his life’s purpose to assist others in the journey to become healthy.

“When I started the show, I had a great topic and a lot of energy, but I was just lecturing,” says Schaeuble. “But when I started paying attention to who was really listening, and working with them on their weight loss journey, that is when my show began to grow.” 

He has created a community where people who have lost weight can log on to his website and “donate” their lost weight to the overall mission of helping people lose 1 million pounds. He regularly updates his listeners on the success of other listeners, the growth of the show, his own goals, and the community.By being so honest and open, and sharing the journey with everyone, he has created a show that has a devoted following.

When you get past your ego as a host and get focused on the mission, the energy of the whole draws people in to be part of the show over the long run.

Schaeuble adds, “The biggest mistake that podcasters make is thinking their show is about their own fame and image. They inflate their success and pretend they are achieving more than they really are with their podcast. The real success in podcasting comes from being true to yourself and your community.Never forget WHO you are speaking to and trying to make an impact with. Bring them along with you on your journey and complete the mission together.”

Thom Singer is the host of The Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast.

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