Lunchbox, Eddie, and Ray Talk Sports


Syndicator Premiere Networks has launched an iHeartRadio Original Podcast, Sore Losers, featuring The Bobby Bones Show’s Lunchbox, Eddie, and Ray as part of Bobby Bones’ Nashville Podcast Network. Sore Losers is a daily podcast featuring a trio of 30-something friends as they discuss all things sports. From a self-described expert to an average sports watcher, Lunchbox, Eddie, and Ray have listeners covered from every perspective as they share their fun and entertaining conversations on the latest sports stories and more.

“We’re just like you – it’s like we’re sitting around with all our friends, drinkin’ beers, and talking sports,” said Lunchbox, Eddie, and Ray in a joint statement.

“Lunchbox, Eddie, and Ray give listeners a front-row seat to real, and often hilarious, conversations among friends who have at least one thing in common – their love of sports,” said Julie Talbott, Premiere Networks President. “We’re excited to have this fun and relatable podcast as part of our entertaining and diverse roster of audio content.”