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LinkedIn Releases First Show

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Rethink Moments is a new podcast series championing the power of rethinking. Rethink Moments with Rachel Botsman is the flagship show from the newly launched LinkedIn Podcast Network.

Rethink Moments is a new series from world renowned trust expert and author, Rachel Botsman, that shines a light on a ‘superpower’ emerging in the business world. Inspired by Rachel’s popular newsletter with over 45,000 subscribers, the series has been handpicked to launch the new LinkedIn Podcast Network - and to reach the next generation of leaders in a way that runs counter to the traditional business narrative of always having the right answers.

“To me, a rethink moment is when we have the humility to slow down, ask questions and trust ourselves to challenge assumptions,” says Botsman. “Rethinking helps us earn trust at a deep level with bosses, colleagues, friends – and with ourselves. I look at people across organisations and wonder why they don’t demonstrate this superpower.”

In Rethink Moments, Rachel takes listeners on a journey to rethink culturally significant ideas or events through the lens of renowned innovators, creators, and leaders. The 10-part series launching today, February 28th, goes inside guests’ hearts and minds to unpack and reframe a profound career experience – laying bare what went right, what went wrong, and what was learned.

Hear Aza Raskin talk about his real intentions when he invented the ‘infinite scroll’. Listen as Susan Cain, author of Quiet, shares what it felt like when her blockbuster book on introversion ironically threw her into the public spotlight. And Platon, the celebrity photographer, shares what he learnt about power from being face-to-face with Vladimir Putin.

“Through my newsletter, I have discovered there is a genuine appetite in business to challenge people to see their career experiences through a completely different lens, Botsman adds. “With LinkedIn, there is the opportunity in podcasting to create content, community and conversation in one place for the first time.”

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