Lampanelli Turns To Podcasting In New Role


Former comedian Lisa Lampanelli has a new career as a life coach, and a new podcast, Let Lisa Help, on PodcastOne. The series premiere features actor Josh Peck, with new episodes out every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts and PodcastOne.

Each week, Lampanelli strikes an Instagrammable yoga pose with her guest co-host, then sits down with them to work on each of their problems, plus issues submitted by fans. She also takes calls from her real-life clients to learn how she can be a better life coach.

“I love having a platform in which I can just be myself, use my life-coaching skills, and help people whether they like it or not,” says Lampanelli. “And the fact that my guest co-hosts, no matter what their level of fame, come in with their issues and we dig in in a very real way excites the hell outta me. Thank goodness PodcastOne recognized my true genius when it comes to forcing help down people’s throats. And, in advance, listeners: you’re welcome!”

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