Kudos To Lianne Laing 


For hitting 100 episodes. Lianne hosts Living Your Life With Lianne Laing. The show launched back in 2018 when the former Ottawa CTV personality left behind her 20 year career waking up Canada’s nation’s capital. 

The weekly show explores personal stories involving health and wellness and provides information to allow listeners to lead healthier lives. 

Lianne says, “The podcast allows me an opportunity to dive deeper into the content and gain additional access to the headlines that are shaping our decision making. Listen, learn, laugh and cry. I have wonderful relationships with doctors, trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, athletes, celebrities that have been kind enough to share their stories.” 

In 2019, Lianne enlisted Matt Cundill’s Sound Off Media Company to expand its audience base. In the last 12 months the show’s unique audience has grown by 60 percent, and its downloads doubled. Cundill says, “At her core, Lianne is an athlete and wakes up every day ready to exceed yesterday’s accomplishments. Producing consistent and continuous content with passion is always going to be a winning formula for podcast success.” 

Check out the show HERE.