Kudos To Danielle Desir


WOC Podcasters co-founder, and Podcast Business Journal editorial board member Danielle Desir, along with Zudiah Sarhan, have been invited to attend the 2019 Facebook Communities Summit at the Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, California, February 7-8.

The 2019 Facebook Communities Summit invites leaders of local business and nonprofit communities to the event, as well as leaders of Facebook Groups, Pages, and Fundraisers. “Attendees will learn from each other and hear announcements from Facebook about the latest tools and programs we’re building to support them,” said Ime Archibong, VP of Production Partnerships for Facebook.

This is a big achievement for the growing Facebook community, which consists of over 1,100 women-of-color podcasters from 37 countries.

Founded by Danielle Desir on May 1, 2018, WOC Podcasters is an inclusive community for women-of-color podcasters who are looking to connect, learn about podcasting, share resources, and find potential guests and talent for their shows.

Danielle told PBJ, “Although there are millions of communities on Facebook representing thousands of diverse interests, we are truthfully honored to attend the 2019 Facebook Communities Summit and learn from other community leaders, as well as get the scoop on the latest tools and programs Facebook is building to support communities like ours.”

Danielle says she looks forward to fulfilling her mission to help women of color produce high-quality podcasts through a supportive and resourceful community, and increase diversity in the podcasting space.

Congratulate Danielle by e-mail at [email protected]