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Keynote or Product Pitch for Fireside?

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Daniel J. Lewis reviews Mark Cuban’s “keynote” at Podcast Movement in an interview with Adam Curry and Dave Jones on the latest episode of Podcast 2.0 HERE. And, Lewis nails it as usual.

Lewis called Fireside Clubhouse with a 1990’s interface. “The interface is really bad. You open it up and you can’t see what people are talking about. You can only see the pictures of the people who are talking or hosting rooms. Apparently this is going to be the way to revolutionize podcasting.”

Cuban describes the Fireside platform as a way for podcasters to interact live with their audience, get more data about their show, and maintain ownership of their content. His appearance at Podcat Movement with Fireside CEO and Co-founder Falon Fatemi was a complete product pitch.

Dave Jones, on Friday’s Podcast 2.0 with Curry and Lewis said, “This is going to be a Hindenberg type failure. This is not going to end well.”

By the way Dan Benjamin’s has been around since 2016. is also a podcasting hosting and analytics company.

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