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Jamie Lee Curtis Wants to be a 'Good Friend'

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iHeartMedia announced a podcast from actress Jamie Lee Curtis about the good, the bad, and the ugly of friendships. _Good Friend _premieres on July 15 talking to Lena Dunham about when it’s time to walk away from a friendship.

Throughout the 15-episode season celebrity friends and public figures such as Senator Amy Klobuchar, Michelle Williams, Robin Wright, and others drop by to talk about just what makes a good friend.

“During this incredible time, friendships have been tested and while many have withstood this forced time apart and even became stronger, others have fallen away. I’m thrilled to launch Good Friend and share candid conversations that will dive into the truth behind friendships and relationships,” said Curtis. “Through this podcast, iHeartRadio has given me the opportunity, with humor, pathos, tears and spilled secrets, to explore dialogues with friends, new and old, and discover what it means to be a truly good friend, as well as how to let them go and how to keep them close.”

 The trailer is available now.

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