It’s Season Two Of “Case Closed”


True crime podcast Case Closed has launched its second season. In 2010, Atlanta businessman Rusty Sneiderman dropped his son off at his preschool just like he did every day. He didn’t make it out of the parking lot alive.

With no criminal record or known enemies, family and friends were left wondering if the murder was a robbery, a hit job, or something far more sinister. Based on Michael Fleeman’s retelling of the crime in Crazy For You, the podcast dives into the true story of a passionate affair and a deadly obsession.

Season 2 is also on Stitcher Premium for those who want to pay and binge all episodes now.

Season #1 of Case Closed was downloaded over 1.8 million times. Season 1 investigated the murder of 19-year-old Erin Corwin, who kissed her Marine husband Jon goodbye before heading out to scout hiking trails in Joshua Tree State Park and never made it back alive.


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