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It's A Show About....Everything

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Audacy’s Pineapple Street Studios has launched a new podcast called The 11th. The company says the show will include stories that do not currently have a natural place in the podcast space. Content will include original reporting, memoirs, musicals, advice columns and fiction from a constantly changing roster of contributors.

Pineapple Street will release a new installment on the 11th of each month.

The first edition of The 11th is a four-part, reported series called “The Inbox” from writer Sarah Viren. In March of 2020, Viren wrote a New York Times story about her wife being falsely accused of sexual misconduct. After the story was published, people reached out to Viren to say that they had similar stories — that they, too, had been falsely accused. For months, those messages sat in Viren’s inbox, as she considered what to do with them. Over four episodes, Viren reads the e-mails from her inbox.

“The 11th is a place for stories that might not otherwise be told, whether that’s because of format or length or perspective,” said Max Linsky, co-founder of Pineapple Street Studios. “There is not a singular personality as the voice of The 11th and that’s a deliberate choice — the goal is to create something that will feature a range of voices, both from within Pineapple and beyond. The incredible team of producers and editors working on The 11th has described it as a mystery box, where you never know what you’ll get each month — I can’t wait to hear how this team and this show will surprise audiences.”

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