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It's A Podcast Party

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Seth Resler has launched a new venture called Podcast Parties that he’s hoping will help podcasters turn their audiences into communities. Podcast Parties produces virtual events that enables podcasters to bring their listeners together to connect in real time.

“Audience members consume content, but they don’t interact with each other, “says Resler. “Community members, on the other hand, communicate and collaborate with one another. Because podcasters focus on specific areas of interest, they are well-positioned to build communities.”

Resler says a few examples might be: The host of a podcast about sailing gathering sailors around the world together to share experiences and plan future trips, or, the host of a personal finance podcast creating a series of educational workshops in which the participants learn from one another.

There’s also an option for podcasters to sell tickets, offer sponsorships, or reward Patreon supporters.

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