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It Was a Deadly Cure

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Neon Hum and Sony Music Entertainment, in partnership with Bloomberg, have launched _Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure, _a new season of its investigative podcast series exploring and exposing stories of alleged fraud and deception.

This season dissects the story of a family that convinced tens of thousands of people across the world to buy a miracle liquid of poison, something that experts agree is toxic and for which family members are now being prosecuted.

Hosted by Bloomberg health journalist Kristen V. Brown, Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure spotlights the Grenon family, the creators of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, an organization that encouraged people to purchase and ingest a toxic bleaching agent they called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as a sacrament. The eight-episode series tracks the rise and fall of the group’s dangerous scheme amidst a heightened misconception that bleach products reportedly cured COVID-19, as well as the rag tag activists and keyboard warriors who chased them down for years, known as “The Bleach Hunters.”

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