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Is Podcasting Fomenting Hate Speech?

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has posted a very length piece called Inside the Far-Right Podcast Ecosystem, Building a Network of Hate. The article, which was picked up by USA Today, takes aim at “dozens of noteworthy podcasts produced by far-right extremists.”

SPLC writes “that even as podcasting has expanded and become more varied within recent years among the far right, mirroring its own growing popularity in mainstream society, the role of podcasts in the world of far-right extremism has been largely understudied.”

The article, which is the first of a four-part series, goes on to say that far-right extremists are using podcasting to expand their networks of hate. SPLC says it has analyzed 15 years of podcast recordings for its report. They say they focused on 18 different podcasts between 2005 and 2020. From there they took a closer look at 882 cast members who appeared on 4,046 different podcast episodes.

SPLC says that their analysis “demonstrates how extremists used podcasts to cultivate their own financially lucrative video and livestreaming landscape, which is now dominated by such sites as YouTube, Twitch and DLive.”

Read the full article HERE and leave your comments about it below.


Tim O’Brien -

The SPLC is not the speech police. What it defines as “hate” is essentially speech it doesn’t like and speech that works against its own agenda. I’m sure there are some who would consider the SPLC as purveying in hate speech against certain groups. I’m not defending every podcast out there, but I am concerned when people use words like “hate” to silence opposing voices. Podcasting is a wonderful place for free speech. I’d hate to see it become like some of the large social platforms that have taken it upon themselves to determine which speech is “approved” and what is not.

#### [Robert Crandall]( "") -

Very well said Tim. Podcasting is under attack because it is free and open. A lot of people hate that. Robert Crandall

#### [Dave JAckson]( "") -

So if we get rid of podcasting all the hate in the world will cease? That seems true. After all, if we could just elect a black president I’m sure racism would come to a close and we would all learn, live, and love. I know some people say, “Oh man, they are coming for your guns. " It’s even scarier. They are coming for your microphone.

#### [Harry Alexander]( "") -

Perhaps the SPLC should do another study on the rise of " far-left extremists” in podcasting. This is an organization that has far out-lived its usefulness. But, doing so might turn over a bunch of rocks they don’t want turned over, eh?

#### [Jac]( "") -

Hey, Dave - thanks for using fear as a tactic - we know it works. The evidence based, data driven article by the SPLC calls these podcasts out for yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater - this reasoning, of course, is favored for those who believe that hurting others for your own personal gain is abhorrent.

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