Is Discovery Still A Problem?


It is for some of the American population according to the most recent Jacobs Media Tech Survey. Our friends at The Podcast Host have released the results from a survey they recently conducted. 780 people took part in the survey. Here are the highlights

Of the 780 people who took part in the survey:
– 41% of them have never run a podcast
– 40% prefer to search their listening app’s directory to discover new podcasts.
– Podcasts are judged mostly on the description, and then their episode titles.
– People don’t care if they’ve never heard of the podcaster, or their guest.
– 28.9% of listeners will give a show up to 15 minutes to “hook” them.
– 27.5% will only give it 5 minutes.
– The vast majority of listeners are fine with ads in podcasts, within reason.
– Going too long can lose you more listeners than going too short.

Read more about The Podcast Host survey HERE


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