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Investigative Series Returns

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The second season of Chameleon from Campside Media, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment entitled High Rollers released their first two episodes about a two-year FBI undercover sting in Las Vegas that ended with no convictions.

Hosted by investigative journalist and author Trevor Aaronson the ten-episode series follows this very unusual case and detailing the abuses of power by the FBI following two brothers Emile and Gus and more than 20 hours of secret recordings.

“‘C_hameleon: High Rollers_’ is a tragic dark comedy,” said Aaronson. “An undercover agent and an informant, posing as shady businessmen, offer money-laundering opportunities to diet clinic owners, aestheticians, a real estate agent, even a guy who sold erectile-dysfunction remedies. But the entire FBI sting goes off the rails, and no one is convicted of crimes. This podcast explores what happened and why.

The first episode “What Happens in Vegas” and “The Count” are available now.

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