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Introducing Audio Only Upfronts

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Bryan Barletta’s Sounds Profitable newsletter announced the launch of the first-ever podcast format UpFront On May 10th called “Up Next” which will give publishers six-episode seasons to promote themselves to advertisers.

Their plan is for the first few episodes to act as explainers or trailers selling the concept of podcast advertising and explaining to buyers why they should consider it. Their first episode is still in search of a host.

Following the first few episodes, they plan to feature up to seven publishers in their six-episode seasons.

They’ve already signed up these partners for Up Next:

His goal with Up Next is “to empower the skilled marketing, PR, and sales teams at these amazing companies by providing them with a tool that helps them take advantage of the podcast medium to sell their podcast inventory.”

Publishers have until May 3rd to provide a ten to 15-minute episode for their first season.

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